Best 271 Jewish baby girl names starting with "e"

Jewish baby girl names starting with “E”

Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting with e:
1.EliyahThis Name Means My God Is God
3.ElijahBeautyful; Sweet; Smart; Loving
4.EfaLiving And Breathing
5.EilishA Alternative Of The Name Elizabeth; Mainly Used In IrelandIt Means Gods Promise
6.EwaLiving And Breathing
7.ErzsiPromise Of God
8.EvyLife; Breathe
9.EveaFrom Hebrew Origin Meaning Breath Of Life; In The Bible Eve Is The Mother Of All Living
10.EtaniOne Who Is Focused
11.ElizabethGod Is My Oath
12.ElliceWhich Is The Greek Form Of Elijah
13.ErzsokMeaning Consecrated To God
14.Eli AnnaGod Has Answered
15.ElisePromise Of God
16.ElishevaPromise Of God
17.ElspetPromise Of God
18.ElzbietaPromise Of God
19.ElspethMy God Is Bountiful; God Of Plenty
21.EloraMoDern blenD of ‘El-‘ anD Lora meaning GoD gives the Laurel; the crown of victory.
23.EsrellaGod Is My Strength; God Is My Help
24.ElsePromise Of God
25.ElisaPromise Of God
26.ElathaFrom The Grove Of Trees
27.ElirazMy God Is My Secret
28.Eli’AnnaGod Has Answered
29.EevaLiving And Breathing
30.ElioraLord Is My Guiding Light
31.EveLiving And Breathing
32.EllisaFrom Hebrew Origin Meaning God Is Perfection; God Is My Oath A Modification Of Elizabeth
33.EeviLiving And Breathing
34.EdynA Version OfEden; This Name Brings To Mind The Biblical Paradise; Or Means A Plain Or Delightful Place
35.EaveAlive; The Juniper Tree
36.ElsPromise Of God
37.EdraWealthy Defender
38.EveieFrom The Same Roots As The Name Eve ; Meaning Alive Or Lady Of The People
39.Eva GraceEva Is Derived From The Hebrew Meaning Alive Grace Of Latin Origin Meaning Charm
40.ElisoGod Is Perfection; God Is My Oath
41.EubhAlive; The Juniper Tree
42.EliisaPromise Of God
43.Evie RoseDeriving From The NameEvefrom The Old TestimetIts Direct Meaning IsAliveRose Derives From Germanic Origins MeaningHorse; Fame And Rose
44.ElathiaFrom The Grove Of Trees
45.EllseNoble; Honorable; Ornament
47.ElyzzaGod&#x; S Promise
48.ElziraDevoted To God
49.ElkeyGod Has Created; God
50.EsekaA Quarrelsome Woman
52.ElizavetaPromise Of God
53.EvikeLiving And Breathing
54.EvitaLiving And Breathing
56.ElyanaVariant Of Eliana; The Name Means My Savior Has Answered Me
57.EmanuellaA Alternative Of The Name Emmanuelle; Which Is The Feminine Form Of The Name Emmanuel; Meaning God Is With Us
58.ElisabithGod Is Perfection; God Is My Oath
59.ElizeaNoble; Honorable; Ornament
60.EshcollaFrom The Valley Of Grapes
61.EtaneeOne Who Is Focused
62.EuodiaA Traveling Woman
63.Edona” Rejuvenation; Delight”
64.EvaliaThe Juniper Tree; Alive
65.EalasaidPromise Of God
66.EliskaPromise Of God
67.EphrathAbundance; Bearing Fruit
68.Ellie MaiCombining The Meanings Of God Is My Oathandpearl
69.ElizEliz Is A Nick Name Of The Name Elizabeth It Means God Is Perfection Or God Is My Oath
70.EdyneDelight; Paradise
72.EsekiaA Quarrelsome Woman
73.EshtemoAn Obedient Child
74.EvchenAlive; The Juniper Tree
75.EveahAlive; The Juniper Tree
76.ExodasOf The Great Deliverance
77.EzrelahGod Is My Help; God
78.EllyzaGod&#x; S Promise
79.EllizaGod&#x; S Promise
80.ElisabetePromise Of God
81.EthaResilient; Solid
83.ElliannaCommunicator Of God; Powerful And Magnetic
84.EddnaRejuvenation; Pleasure
85.ElatheaFrom The Grove Of Trees
86.EleisaGod Is Perfection; God Is My Oath
87.EllsyNoble; Honorable; Ornament
88.ElyshafatGod Has Judged
89.EsekeaA Quarrelsome Woman
90.EshcoleFrom The Valley Of Grapes
91.Eddi” Rejuvenation; Delight”
92.Evva” Life”
93.ElizbethGod Is My Oath
94.ElsiaHonourable; Brightness; Noble
95.ElyshiaGod Is Salvation; Honourable
96.ErendiraName Of A Princess
97.ErssikeMeaning Consecrated To God
98.ElanaOak Tree
99.Evie MaiEvie Is Of Hebrew Origin Meaning Alive And Mayderives From The English Word For A Month Of The Year
100.EbrielleBorn During The Month
101.EeveAlive; The Juniper Tree
103.EilatGrove Of Tall Trees
104.EillishGod Is Perfection; God Is My Oath
105.ElamaJehovah’ S People
106.ElichiaGod Is Salvation; Noble
107.ElisvetaGod Is Perfection; God Is My Oath
108.ElkeeGod Has Created; God
109.EllsahNoble; Honorable; Ornament
112.EngedieFrom The Fountain Of
114.EshtemoahAn Obedient Child
115.EvgeniyaWell Born; Noble
116.Evaine” Life”
118.EllyssaGod&#x; S Promise
119.EliavaGod Is My Father
120.ElisendaA Form Of Elisa
121.ElsahBrightness; Ornament; Noble
122.ElssaGod&#x; S Promise
123.ElísaGod&#x; S Promise Or God Is My Oath
124.EhaweeLaughing Maid
126.EwahAlive; The Juniper Tree
127.ElikapekaPromise Of God
128.EmanueleGod Accompanies Us
130.EshtaolA Strong Woman
131.EdreaWealthy Defender
132.EllianaVariant Of Eliana Which Is Of Hebrew Origin And Means Sun
133.Eva MayEva Meaning Alive; Gospel; Good News; Tidings And The Juniper Tree May Deriving From The Name Of The 5 Month; May
134.ElatheFrom The Grove Of Trees
135.EliceaGod Is Salvation; Noble
136.ElicetGod Is Salvation; Noble
137.EliphallaDelivered By God
138.ElishafatGod Has Judged
139.ElizabithGod Is Perfection; God Is My Oath
140.ElizalinaNoble; Honorable; Ornament
141.ElizavetGod Is Perfection; God Is My Oath
142.ElydadaLoved By God
143.ElydadeLoved By God
145.EngedeyFrom The Fountain Of
147.EritheaResembling A Flower
148.EshtaolaFrom The Narrow Pass
149.EtanyOne Who Is Focused
150.EzrelaGod Is My Help; God
152.ElíaTree; Dark
153.EfrataFruitful Or Honored
154.Eli’AnaGod Has Answered
155.ElkyGod Has Bought; God Has Created
156.EllioraGod Is My Light
157.ElsabethGod&#x; S Promise
158.ElseeGod&#x; S Promise
159.ElzabethGod&#x; S Promise
161.ErellaAngel; Messenger
163.EdoneDelight; Paradise
165.EwieAlive; The Juniper Tree
166.ErzsebetPromise Of God
173.ElianeJehovah Is God
174.ElisabetHebrew Name Elizabeth My God Is Bountiful; God Of Plenty
176.EleaciaGod Is Salvation; Noble
177.ElidadeLoved By God
178.ElkeahGod Has Created; God
179.ElteckeA God-fearing Woman
180.EltekeA God-fearing Woman
181.ElydadLoved By God
187.EngedeeFrom The Fountain Of
188.EshcolaFrom The Valley Of Grapes
189.EshcolleFrom The Valley Of Grapes
190.EtaneyOne Who Is Focused
192.EubhaAlive; The Juniper Tree
193.EvacsaAlive; The Juniper Tree
194.ExodysOf The Great Deliverance
195.Evvy” Life”
196.EdenaEdna EDNApleasure; Delight
197.Ellsi” Pledged To God”
199.EthalOne Who Is Noble
200.EléaTree; Dark
201.ElaníOak Tree
203.E’LanaTree; Light; Bright; Shining
204.EliorahGod Is My Light
205.Eli ShevaDevoted To God
206.ElizabeteGod Is My Oath; God Is Perfection
207.Eliza BethGod&#x; S Promise Or God Is My Oath
208.Elizabeth+God&#x; S Promise Or God Is My Oath
209.ElizebethGod&#x; S Promise
210.ElleoraGod Is My Light
211.EléanaTree; Light; Bright; Shining
213.EvaleaAlive; The Juniper Tree
214.ErrsikeGod Is My Oath
215.ErszokGod Is My Oath
217.EphratahAbundance; Bearing Fruit
221.ExaltacionLifted Up
225.Evie GraceDiminutive Of Eve; Meaning Life And Lively; And Grace From The Latin For Charm
226.Evie MayEvie Is A Pet Name For The Diminutive Eve; And Means Life; Living And Lively The Name May As Many Different Meanings; Including The Blossom From A Hawthorn Plant; The Name Of The Month; Or Alternatively; It Can Be Seen As Deriving From The Goddess O
227.Elizabeth MayElizabeth Means God Is My Oath Or God Is Perfection May Has The Meaning Of Bitterness And Has Also Come Form The Month Of May
228.EdeneDelight; Paradise
229.EgiptFrom The Land Of Pyramids
230.EleshiaGod Is Salvation; Noble
231.ElidadaLoved By God
232.EliesseGod Is Perfection; God Is My Oath
233.EliphalaDelivered By God
234.EliphallDelivered By God
235.ElipheletaDelivered By God
236.ElizaidaNoble; Honorable; Ornament
237.ElkeaGod Has Created; God
238.ElteckehA God-fearing Woman
239.ElyshaphatGod Has Judged
242.EngedeaFrom The Fountain Of
243.EngedeahFrom The Fountain Of
244.EpicureanaFollower Of Epicurus
245.EpicureaneFollower Of Epicurus
246.EritheResembling A Flower
247.EsabeauGod Is Perfection; God Is My Oath
248.EshtaoleFrom The Narrow Pass
249.EtanieOne Who Is Focused
250.EthamaOf The Fortress
251.EthameaOf The Fortress
252.EuodeaA Traveling Woman
253.ExodisOf The Great Deliverance
254.ExodosOf The Great Deliverance
255.ElsbethGod Is My Oath
256.ElsekeGod Is My Oath
258.EliabethGod Is Perfection; God Is My Oath
261.E’DenPlace Of Pleasure
262.EliséGods; S Promise
263.EllseeGods; S Promise
264.EllseyGods; S Promise
265.ElsavettaGod Is Perfection; God Is My Oath
268.EthameOf The Fortress
269.EthamiaOf The Fortress
270.EuodeasA Traveling Woman
Best 271 Jewish baby girl names starting with “e”
Best 271 Jewish baby girl names starting with "e"

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